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Before & after

Step into the world of gorgeous hair transformations with our stunning 

before-and-after featuring the Just Long hair topper in the tantalizing Sandy Blonde Rooted shade. Witness the magic that a light density hair topper can bring to thin hair as it creates a perfectly seamless transition.  Get inspired with our expert hair solutions and let your locks do the talking!

What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper also referred to as a top piece or top extension, is a hair 

accessory that is applied to the top of the head. It is not a full wig and has

many uses and benefits including fashion and hair loss solutions while 

utilizing your own natural hair. 

What is unique about Ellen Wille Toppers?

Ellen Wille toppers are unique because of our signature light density, luxurious base designs and materials, and our unique colors offered. The lighter density allows the topper to lay naturally on the head and blend seamlessly with your biological hair.

How does a topper stay attached to my head?

Ellen Wille toppers attach to your biological hair with the use of strategically placed pressure sensitive clips. These clips securely fasten to a sufficient amount of hair and stay in place all day.