The Prime Power Collection by Ellen Wille
The BEST of both worlds!
The Perucci Collection by Ellen Wille
The Perucci Collection
Rebellious, Young & Creative
The Pure Power Collection by Ellen Wille
The Pure Power Collection
100% REMY Human Hair
SHAPE by Ellen Wille in GINGER MIX
FAME by Ellen Wille in MOCCA ROOTED
CHAMPAGNE MIX | Light Beige Blonde, Medium Honey Blonde, and Platinum Blonde Blend | Ellen Wille FORTUNE
Ellen Wille | Pure Power | Emotion in Dark-Chocolate-Mix
Color DARK-CHOCOLATE-MIX = Warm Medium Brown, Dark Auburn, and Dark Brown blend | Award by Ellen Wille
Ellen Wille | Pure Power | Obsession in Champagne-Rooted
Ellen Wille | Pure Power | Cascade in Light-Champagne-Rooted
Ellen Wille | Pure Power | Delicate in Espresso/Mix
Ellen Wille | Pure Power | Gloss in Chestnut-Mix
Arrow | Perucci by Ellen Wille
SANDY-BLONDE-ROOTED | Tab by Ellen Wille
Ellen Wille | Perucci | United in PASTEL BLONDE MIX: Pearl Platinum, Dark Ash Blonde, and Medium Honey Blonde mix

In 1967 Ellen Wille completed her studies in Paris and opened her first wig shop in Frankfurt, Germany. Today she is the force behind what is now a world-renowned brand of wigs and hairpieces.

For over 45 years, Ellen Wille designs have been inspired by international fashion trends. Her passion for wig perfection is evident - she guides every meticulous detail. And each Ellen Wille wig is unique. All aspects of an individual style, from the hair fiber to the coloring to the cap design, is about ensuring the most beautiful look, natural movement and comfortable fit. 

Ellen Wille  "For me, a wig is much more than a solution or a fashion accessory. It's an expression of personal style."

With number collections and awards - including two from Concours International in Paris - Ellen Wille has cemented her reputation for truly beautiful and high-quality wigs. 


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