Am I able to provide the Hair Society collection to my online clients?

On May 1st, 2017, Hair Society became available online, and is no longer a salon exclusive collection. After a lot of time with salons, and taking valuable client feedback.. we wanted to ensure this collection remains accessible to anyone from anywhere, to supplement their specific needs. Visit our where to purchase area to see a few of our many online partners, and to see our salon locator to find an Ellen Wille salon partner near you!


Where do Ellen Wille products come from?

Being service oriented is our top priority. We distribute Ellen Wille products directly to our partners from a centrally located warehouse in Kansas City, MO that works together with the Ellen Wille headquarter in Schwalbach, Germany to maintain a ready supply of a variety of wig models and products.

Meet the Ellen Wille - US Distributor


Why should I choose Ellen Wille?

For almost 50 years Ellen Wille has been distinguished by the highest level of quality and comfort. Utilizing modern techniques and designed with the newest fashion trends in mind, every model takes on an almost bespoke quality as each one is tailored to meet the requirements of our valued customers. Driven by passion, a sharp eye for the latest trends, and her profound knowledge and experience, Ellen Wille herself is actively involved in the creation of every single model, which are individually checked and controlled to ensure consistently high quality.  


What’s the difference between Ellen Wille's human hair and synthetic hair wigs?

There are advantages to both. Different situations make each one the ideal choice. Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. They allow the most versatility in styling, and with proper care, can last over a year. Synthetic hair wigs are perfect for getting style that lasts. Most synthetic hair options are designed to be ready to wear right out of the box. And the innovations in synthetic fiber make it nearly undetectable from human hair options.   


More questions?

Please feel free and email us, we will reply within 48 hours.

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