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"Let’s Talk Fortune" with Kim Hammon | Ellen Wille Guest Blogger

Ellen Wille North America is proud to announce our FIRST official guest blogger, Kim Hammon! 

Kim is a truly beautiful soul who's spirit inspires fellow women who are experiencing hair loss. Her youtube channel is educational for women who are at any stage in their hair loss journey, and her instagram posts will make you laugh out loud and inspire you. Kim was diagnosed with an auto immune disease in 2003. Not having any idea where to turn to for her rapidly thinning hair, she started her hair loss journey by searching on YouTube. At the time, there was not a lot of education for a woman experiencing hair loss. After investing money she felt was wasted on styles she truly didn't love, Kim felt inspired to start her own YouTube channel and instagram profile and use it as a platform for her to speak her hair loss truth! Kim's message is simple : "You can wear wigs and be happy!". Kim is authentic, hilarious, beautiful and a true "wig sister" who empowers so many women within the hair loss community. Ellen Wille North America is honored to welcome Kim to our Ellen Wille family where she will be writing guest blogs on a monthly basis. 


"Let's Talk Fortune by Let's Talk With Kim"

Hello my fellow wig wearers, I have exciting news! I have discovered the answer to those uncomfortable scratchy wig caps and the unrealistic lace front that we have all come across at some point.

Kim in Fortune by EW

Many of us struggle with minimal to complete hair loss and are so tired of spending tons of money on wigs that just feel “wiggy!” If you can relate, then it is not by mistake that you are reading this blog. I have found a fortune and I want to share her with you! Ellen Wille has designed fourteen wigs for her Hair Society Collection for women like myself, who suffer from hair loss, a true answer to all of our prayers.

Kim in Fortune








Hi, my name is Kim and I do wig reviews on my Youtube channel, “Let's Talk With Kim.In my review, I am wearing the beautiful and oh so comfortable Fortune, in the color Mocca Mix. Mocca Mix has a beautiful blend of medium brown, light brown, and light auburn. It’s a gorgeous color! She is made with premium synthetic fiber and the cap is 100% hand tied with a monofilament part and extended lace front.

Kim in Fortune by Ellen Wille







This hair has a natural feel and movement and I am more than impressed, I am ecstatic! The impeccable extended lace front allows for you to wear your hair back away from the face, and feel absolutely stunning and confident. The 100% hand-tied cap is the icing on the cake. It is the most comfortable cap I’ve ever worn to date. I will be totally honest and tell you that I cried tears of joy when I first put this one on. If Fortune isn't your style, then there are thirteen other unique styles in the Hair Society collection to choose from. We can all be happy and comfortable wearing these new gorgeous styles and not to mention, the color options. Woot woot! Ellen Wille has said that she never makes a solid color, but adds sunshine and nature to each one. And after my experience, I truly agree.

With that said, I am so in love with this hair not only for the comfort, design, and quality but for the way it has made me feel; like a confident, vibrant and beautiful women, with a head full of luxurious hair. Thank you Ellen Wille, you have made me one happy woman by making it possible to have the hair of my dreams. Also thank you my beautiful friend, the namesake for this wig, Erin Fortune, it’s women like you who help women like me to feel and look gorgeous.

Big hugs and kisses,



Featured style Fortune by Ellen Wille

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The Woman Behind Europe's #1 Wig Brand | Ellen Wille

The Woman Behind Europe's #1 Wig Brand | Ellen Wille

When people hear the name Ellen Wille, many immediately think of the brand and the wigs associated with it. However, Ellen Wille is not just the name of a wig company, it is also an inspiring and beautiful person that had a dream and turned it into a reality. Ellen Wille is the founder and creator of Europe's #1 wig brand, Ellen Wille - The Hair Company. The story of how her company came to be what it is today is one of passion, hard work and inspiration. 

Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of Success Ellen got her start in 1967 after studying in the fashion capitol of the world, Paris. She began designing and selling wigs out of her van, where she would travel to shops all around Europe to share her hand made custom designs with salon owners. Within a short time, she opened her first wig salon in Frankfurt, Germany. With her dedication and drive, Ellen Wille quickly turned this one-woman shop into a popular world-wide brand. She has now been designing for 50 years and achieved various awards for her accomplishments, such as the Hair Icon Award. This award has only been given out to 10 people in the world, Ellen proudly being one of these few. Ellen has established and designed products that are acclaimed for their high quality and one-of-a-kind color shades/blends. She believes that her pieces have done so well because of the time and care that is put into each one. Each wig is handmade and hand-colored to give the most natural look that allows women to have picture-perfect hair at all times. Ellen would never send out a wig unless it meets her personal standards of perfection.

Ellen isn’t just an empowering businesswoman, she is also a passionate and loving person who invests herself in others. If you were to walk into her office, Ellen would greet you with welcoming and open arms. The first thing she would ask you is your birthday because she is a strong believer in astrological signs and the connection they have between people. It is no surprise that she is an Aries, being the passionate and energetic woman that she is. Ellen considers her employees as her family and has created a close-knit environment that anyone would want to be a part of. For instance, her whole office sits down for lunch together everyday and they do not speak about work for this short period of time. This is allows them to see their team in a whole new light There is champagne around every corner with this glamorous woman, because she considers every aspect of life to be a celebration. She also believes that you can rule the world with a good pair of sunglasses, she hardly ever takes hers off. Ellen sports a new and eclectic pair of sunglasses every single day, and she envisions wigs to be unique and diverse just like her glasses are.

Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of SuccessEllen is known and loved by everyone around her! Carliz Sotelo Teague, a long-time friend and CEO of Beauty & Hair says that “Ellen is the most driven and inspirational person in this industry. Her passion for perfection is inspiring, and [she’s] never seen anyone with so much drive and energy towards accomplishing their goals.” This woman and her ambition are the reason for this company being so successful. Ellen’s story of how she took her company from a mere back of a van to a number one European hair company is inspiring, but the impact on those around her and the legacy she has created is something that is unforgettable.

 Shop All Collections by Ellen Wille

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Ellen Wille is celebrating 50 Years of designing WIGS!

Ellen Wille is celebrating 50 Years of designing WIGS!

Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of Success

We are excited to bring you three new wigs created in Celebration of Ellen's 50 Years of Designing! These edgy, synthetic styles are part of the Ellen Wille HairPower Collection. Blues, a chic bob, Swing, a sporty pixie cut, and Jazz, a textured, asymmetrical pixie will be available on August 1, 2017. Shop All Ellen Wille Collections!


Erin & Robert
Your Ellen Wille North America Team

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Create the Perfect Brow and Flawless Eyes with Eye Power

Create the Perfect Brow and Flawless Eyes with Eye Power

The Ellen Wille Eye power palette is a must-have for any make up lover.  This pallet is super versatile and lets you create multiple looks for both your eyes and brows... and then some!


As a matter of fact… You can almost do your entire face with this palette alone… Add some mascara, a little blush, and some lipstick and you have all you need to face the world!


This semi permanent make up palette is beautifully pigmented and will leave a natural color which stays all day.


Ellen Wille initially created this eye power pallet to give women who wear wigs a way to create the perfect brow for whatever color when you were wearing. Whether you are starting off with a full brow or no brows at all, this make up will allow you to create the perfect brow. 


It's easy to forget changing your hair color means changing your brow color… And the rest of our make up for that matter. That's perfect brow palette gives you the versatility to change your brow color whatever you want to change your wig color!

Defined eyebrows are all the rage! With the accompanying stencils and brush, you can easily achieve perfectly styled eyebrows. Use the palette of colored shadows for a natural look that will last all day. But the best part… Although the colors are very pigmented, they are soft colors that are not harsh looking at all. Perfect for any occasion!

With this palette of 5 beautiful waterproof shades, you will have the tool you need for a beautiful you. Use one of the stencils to create your perfect brow shape… Or simply color in the brows you already have. But don't stop there.  You can do your entire eye makeup with this pallet as well as contouring on your face!

This amazing semi permanent waterproof color also comes in individual color compacts. But the five color palette is most definitely the way to go for the most beautiful possibilities. 

Finding your perfect hairstyle is important... Perfecting that look with the right make up is crucial!

Make Sure And Track Us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Ellen Wille Open Wig | Perucci Collection

Looking For a Change? Ellen Wille Just May Be Your Answer!

Ellen Wille has taken the US by storm and is quickly making a name for herself as the premier hair style designer for wigs and hairpieces.  Already the leading brand in Europe, Ellen Wille wigs are worn by all the top models and celebrities in Europe.  Now... you have the worlds most luxurious brand at your fingertips!  Ellen Wille has several collections catering to every type and budget.  

Whether you are looking for a high end human hair wig or a high end more affordable synthetic wig... Ellen Wille has choices for you!  You can change up your look as often as you change your outfit or just find a favorite and rock it daily.  Whatever your style...We've got your answer!


The Perucci Collection is the Newest addition to the Ellen Wille family of collections. Perucci  is a rebellious, young, and highly creative line of styles.  Cool cuts and chic styles are the signature of this fresh but classic collection of wigs.  The inspiring color shades and natural rooted effects define these exciting short cuts and gorgeous long styles, making the Perucci Collection the next generation wigs!


 The newest styles to launch in the Perucci Collection are the most on trend short styles to hit the runways this spring. Here is the Short List

Miranda - is a beautifully textured short style with layers in all the right places! Cheerful and nice or wild and untamed, easily change your look with this premium synthetic fiber hairstyle. This trendy wig features a monofilament crown and is so cool and comfortable.

Vista -  is a modern take on the perfectly cut bob. This short style has the perfect length of fringe and a slightly tapered back creating an ultra chic look. This timeless beauty features a premium synthetic fiber and a monofilament crown for an extra amount of volume.

Open -  This short, ultra-textured style has unlimited styling options. Style back away from the face for a feminine flirty look or, spike it up to enhance the beautifully cut layers for a more modern look! The versatile style features a premium synthetic fiber and a monofilament crown to create the perfect amount of volume. Open doors in this hot style!

Tool - Rock' n Roll! Tool by Ellen Wille is a show stopping short style adding a dash of excitement to your everyday look. The neckline and sides are beautifully cut and contoured to lay perfectly. This style features a premium synthetic fiber and a monofilament crown to add the perfect amount of extra volume. Anyone can rock this style! 

Movie -  Lights, camera, action! Be the star of the show wearing Movie by Ellen Wille. This style has beautiful beachy waves and cut to show off any color but will wow with highlights! This short, sassy style features a premium synthetic fiber and a monofilament crown for extra volume. Turn heads in this premiere style!

So there you have it... The short list of the hottest (or should we say 'haute-est') styles for 2017.  The perfect collection of sassy short hair cuts which are completely on trend but still keeping it totally classic.  

Shop All: Ellen Wille Wig Collections | Perucci Collection 

Let us know what you think of the new additions to the Perucci Collection.  We would love to see your feedback below!

Dont forget to track us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Ellen Wille Hair In | Human Hair Power Pieces Extensions Kit

New Year, New Hair | Put your "Hair In" by Ellen Wille!

Introducing our newest addition | "Hair In" by Ellen Wille

Before and After Clip In Extensions by Ellen Wille

We are excited to add to our US collection a beautiful set of clip in extensions featuring 100% Top Grade human hair! With ultimate comfort and seamless blending into your natural hair, these extensions are the newest innovation for clip in hair. The ends feature a blunt cut to achieve a fuller look. You can truly make them your own by flat ironing or curling as you would natural hair! Hair In is part of the Ellen Wille Power Pieces collection. 

Check out where you can purchase yours now! 
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Ellen Wille Eye Power | Brow and Eye Make Up Kit

Ellen Wille Eye Power Palette | Tutorial Video

The Ellen Wille Eye Power makeup palette is a must have for any wig lover or makeup junkie! This palette is super versatile and able to create an entire eyebrow, eye shadow and face contour look. The water resistant formula ensures your makeup from smudging or rubbing off throughout the day. The 3 custom shaped eyebrow stencils included take the pressure off of you getting the perfectly shaped brow. There is also a duo end makeup brush which you can use to create your entire eyebrow and eye shadow look. The Eye Power makeup palette is perfect for women of all ages and skin tones! 

Learn more about Eye Power:  Eyebrow Makeup Single  |  Eyebrow Makeup Palette
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October MUST Haves!

October MUST Haves!

These newest arrivals are your Ellen Wille must haves! Two beautiful human hair styles, along with one super trendy synthetic are our new additions to the Ellen Wille Perucci Collection. Make everyday a great hair day this fall! 

Ellen Wille Zora

This style suits any woman! The perfect cut with long, gradual layers providing just the perfect amount of movement. No one will even know you are wearing a wig! Zora is 100% human hair and part of the Ellen Wille Perucci collection. 

Ellen Wille Yara

Stunning! This short bob has all the perks of making you feel confident, sexy and edgy. Made of the best human hair quality, this perfect bob is made from 100% remy human hair. Yara is part of the Ellen Wille Perucci collection.

This synthetic style is one that unites silky hair with a professional blunt cut bob. United is part of the Ellen Wille Perucci collection. 
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Visit to Ellen Wille Germany!

This month, I had the opportunity to visit the Ellen Wille headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany! Leading up to this trip, I was most excited about meeting the woman behind the brand, Ellen Wille herself. 

Bettina Mostert, Erin Fortune, Ellen Wille, Frankfurt, Germany

 (Bettina Mostert, Erin Fortune, Ellen Wille)

 Ellen Wille Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany

Outside Ellen Wille Headquarters in Schwalbach, Germany. 

Ellen Wille Delivery Van, Schwalbach, Germany

There are so many exciting things coming for 2017. Amazing new styles and beautiful new photos are coming your way! 

Stay tuned! 

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Meet the Ellen Wille US Team!

Erin Fortune – Senior Account Executive

I’m honored to be a part of such a prestigious brand where each style is a piece of art!

I am a lover of all things beauty! I bring 12 years of experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist. My passion is offering every client the ultimate luxury experience and 5star customer service. I enjoy building relationships with my clients that evolve into friendships! I am here to assist and guide you with all things Ellen Wille: training, product knowledge, ordering and marketing Ellen Wille within your business.

Favorite Wig: CascadePure Power Collection


Robert Stapleton – Account Executive

I love the quality, the styles and on-trend focus that Ellen Wille puts into each and every one of her pieces. They really come to life and I believe it’s simply one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Stay confident!

I have 10 years of experience in the beauty industry with a passion for helping others feel their absolute best. I am very dedicated to customer service and believe we should make every day fun! I am always eager to help and readily available whenever my clients need me. I enjoy product knowledge and am very detail oriented. I am here to assist you with all of your Ellen Wille needs!

Favorite Wig: SpiritPrime Power Collection

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New Ellen Wille Styles for September!

New Ellen Wille Styles for September!

Introducing two new HairPower wigs!

It is our philosophy to create the perfect product for our clients. A product that is of the best workmanship and top class comfort, and design. Our wigs are manufactured out of high quality materials and are worn like a second skin. If it feels natural, then it is quality!

A worldwide bestseller, the ever-popular HairPower collection presents you with two ultra trendy new hairstyles. Skillful, stylish cuts in a wide range of natural colors. Ready to wear out of the box.


Limit | Hair Power by Ellen Wille
Feminine in the best of styles and best of ways. Full of impact. Cool seduction, that no one can escape. Be bold, be without Limit.


Lucky | Hair Power by Ellen Wille
Always perfectly styled. A natural bob with a clear parting and a long, seductive fringe. Let today be your Lucky day!

Shop all Ellen Wille Wigs | HairPower

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What makes up Ellen Wille wigs?

What makes up Ellen Wille wigs?

Synthetic Hair 

Synthetic hair wigs by Ellen Wille are of the highest quality. Our synthetic hair fiber cannot be visually distinguished from natural human hair, while offering a natural and healthy shine. 

The styling is very straightforward, as the "curl" of the hair is incorporated into the structure of the hair so that the hairstyle is always perfect!  You can easily style it with your hands or fingers. Wearing a wig made of our synthetic hair fiber allows an amazingly wide range of trendy and fashion forward colors.

 Benefits at a glance :

-Incredibly easy daily wear

- Synthetic hair wigs are pre-styled and retain their original look and shape after cleaning

-Vibrant colors, beautifully blended shades

-Reasonably priced

-Low maintenance

-An extensive and diverse range of hairstyles

Note: Synthetic hair does not tolerate heat.

Prime Hair (human hair/synthetic mix)

Ellen Wille Prime Hair is the perfect blend of quality high class human hair and very fine heat resistant synthetic fiber. The innovative prime hair combines advantages of both hair human hair and synthetic fibers. It gives you the ability to have the best of both worlds! 

Benefits at a glance : 

-Prime Hair looks and feels like pure human hair.

-Combines attractive colors, natural shades and stunning dimensional highlights if you so choose! 

-The hair will maintain the style created with heat even after being washed! 

-All styles are ready to wear. They can be blow dried, curled and straightened (up to 350 ° F).

Human Hair

Ellen Wille Pure!Power human hair collection is both classy and exclusive. Human hair pieces are ideal for women for who place a great importance upon naturalness. With it’s natural movement and healthy shine, our remy quality human hair provides you with a wig that is amazingly comfortable to wear. The cap construction on our human hair pieces are so comfortable you will forget you're even wearing a wig! 

Benefits at a glance :

-Natural high quality

-Realistic aesthetics

-More styling options - hair can be straightened or curled 

-Human hair can be dyed with lowlights

Note: Do not attempt to dye human hair without a salon professional. 

What is "Remy Hair Quality"?

Brilliantly shiny with durability and strength, remy hair is high quality hair that has been specially selected and controlled. The hair is knotted in the direction of the individual hair’s growth, which gives the finished wig a beautiful and natural finish. Remy hair has a wonderful shine, it is highly natural and can be easily styled to perfection. 

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