What is Hi Heat Fiber?

What is Hi Heat Fiber?

In the world of alternative hair, advancements in technology have led to the development of innovative materials that closely mimic the appearance and texture of natural hair. Hi Heat synthetic fiber, also known as heat-friendly synthetic fiber or heat defiant synthetic fiber, is one such remarkable innovation. In this blog, we'll delve into what exactly hi heat synthetic fiber is, how it differs from traditional synthetic hair, and the benefits it offers.

Understanding Hi Heat Synthetic Fiber (Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber)

Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is a type of synthetic hair designed to withstand higher temperatures, making it possible to use heat styling tools like flat irons and curling irons without causing irreparable damage. Unlike traditional synthetic hair, which would melt or become permanently deformed under heat, Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is formulated with advanced materials that can withstand temperatures up to a certain degree.

Heat-Friendly Features

  1. Temperature Resistance: The defining characteristic of Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is its ability to endure heat styling, Ellen Wille heat-friendly styles can withstand 260°F to 280°F. This allows for heat styling without causing the fiber to melt or lose its shape.

  1. Versatility: Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber offers a level of versatility that was previously unavailable with traditional synthetic hair. You can straighten, curl, and style your hair extensions or wigs just as you would with natural hair. This opens up a world of possibilities for different looks, from sleek and straight to voluminous curls.

  1. Style Memory: Heat-friendly synthetic fiber has the remarkable ability to hold its styled shape for an extended period even throughout washes. Unlike natural hair, which would lose its style due to humidity or other factors, Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber maintains its look, allowing you to enjoy your desired style for longer.

  1. Low Maintenance: Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber requires less maintenance than natural hair. It doesn't react to humidity as natural hair does, and the style memory of the fiber means that you might spend less time restyling your hair on a daily basis.

  1. Color Retention: This type of synthetic fiber also tends to retain its color vibrancy over time, even after repeated washes and heat styling sessions. This can be especially beneficial if you've chosen a unique or vivid hair color.

Limitations and Care Tips

While Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is a groundbreaking advancement, it's important to note that it still has limitations:

  1. Maximum Temperature: Despite its heat resistance, Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber has a maximum threshold beyond which it can still be damaged. Always adhere to the recommended temperature range provided by the manufacturer to avoid unintentional damage. Ellen Wille recommends  260°F to 280°F and to be heat styled in a wet condition. Check out our video for How-To heat style

  1. Careful Handling: Even though Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is more heat-resistant, it's still a good practice to handle it gently to prevent tangling and shedding. ALWAYS use a wide tooth comb and BeautiMark Smooth Detangler Spray daily to avoid excessive tangling and amount of tension applied to the fiber. 

  1. Maintaining the Quality: While being able to heat style this innovative fiber seems optional, Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber REQUIRES heat styling periodically to keep the fiber smooth and soft. Over time and normal wear and tare, the ends of the hair will begin to feel tough and appear frizzy. This is your indication that the fiber needs to be smoothed out with a flat iron in a wet condition. Check out our “How to Refurbish" Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber for an easy step by step demonstration on how to perform this process. 

Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber is a game-changer in the world of alternative hair. Its ability to withstand heat styling while retaining its style, color, and overall quality has revolutionized how we approach synthetic hair. Whether you're looking for convenience, versatility, or simply a new look, Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber has you covered.

Learn more and see some great How-To videos all about Ellen Wille Heat-Friendly synthetic fibers here!

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