Introducing 5 New Styles from the HIGH POWER Collection + CHANGES Collection: Relax| Relax Large | Sound | Look | Sing

Introducing 5 New Styles from the HIGH POWER Collection + CHANGES Collection: Relax| Relax Large | Sound | Look | Sing

The final and last act of Ellen Wille's Fall Launch!  Introducing 4 new styles from the High Power Collection and 1 new style from the Changes Collection: Crafted with heat-friendly synthetic fiber, these designs ignite your look with high energy and exude an air of high class. Elevate your personal expression with Ellen Wille's new Fall styles and unleash the power of limitless style. Meet the new 5 styles available November 1st 2023!

Behold the Relax and Relax Large Wig, a pinnacle of luxury in the world of hairstyling. With its chic short shaggy layers, this masterpiece is crafted from premium heat-friendly synthetic fiber, affording you the flexibility to style it with heat tools for an array of captivating looks. This style is perfect for any head size and is available in a large size option that can fit a 23" circumference.

Boasting a lace front for a seamlessly natural hairline and a mono crown that mimics authentic hair growth at the crown, this wig combines comfort and realism from every angle. Available in a stunning range of colors to suit your complexion and personal style, it is a versatile choice for both everyday wear and special occasions, exuding an air of feathered elegance.

Introducing the Sound Wig, a luxurious creation by Ellen Wille. This contemporary bob-style wig, featuring relaxed waves out of the box, is meticulously crafted from premium heat-friendly synthetic fiber, granting you the freedom to tailor your style to perfection.

With its miniature lace front and mono part, it offers a remarkably natural look. Available in a range of captivating colors, it effortlessly infuses sophistication into any look. Ideal for both daily wear and special occasions, the Sound Wig is a symbol of refined elegance.


Introducing the Look Wig, Ellen Wille's latest treasure. This show-stopping wig boasts the longest style, a canvas for making bold statements. Made from heat-friendly synthetic fiber, it affords you the power to style as you desire. The mini lace front and mono crown create an incredibly natural look and volume. Plus, it offers a range of captivating colors for the ultimate style match.

Meet Sing, the epitome of elegance from Ellen Wille's Changes Collection. This chic bob, complete with a blunt fringe, exudes sophistication right out of the box. Crafted from heat-friendly synthetic fiber, it offers styling freedom.

The lace front guarantees a remarkably natural hairline, while the mono part adds an authentic touch of volume. Prepare to embrace trendsetting beauty and a refined allure with Sing.

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