The Perfect Mix

Human Hair and Heat Friendly Synthetic

Ellen Wille’s Prime Power Collection is a revolutionary hybrid blend consisting of quality Human Hair and Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber. Both fibers work with each other and take on the benefits each has to offer to give you the best of both worlds combining luxury, convenience, and versatility. 



Elegance is a beautiful relaxed bob style that lands right above the shoulders. The double monofilament allows for versatile styling options as well as provides all day comfort with the soft double material.


Taste is a longer-length bob style  with a luxurious feel. The lace front will give you a natural-looking front hairline while the mono part allows for a natural growth appearance in the parting area.


Attract is a stunning long-layered style that gives you a movement and feels like human hair with the convenience of Synthetic hair. Enjoy this new lightweight style with soft natural long layers.


Stunning and glamourous, Advance offers a longer length and beautifully placed layers show off her flawless craftsmanship and will mimic and move just like your own bio hair. 


  • 01.

    What is Ellen Wille Prime Blend?

    Prime Blends are a unique blend of fiber we offer that consists of human hair and heat friendly synthetic fiber. 

  • 02.

    Do Prime Blends tangle easily?

    Prime Blends tangle far less than traditional Heat Friendly Synthetic Fibers. The human hair that is blended within this fiber helps to prevent the excessive tangling. We still recommend combing and detangle throughout the day with a wide tooth comb or a soft paddle brush.

  • 03.

    Do I have to apply heat to Prime Blends?

     Yes, heat styling periodically will keep your Prime Blend soft and smooth. We recommend a max heat of 300F for this blend.

  • 04.

    What care products do I use?

    We recommend using BeautiMark Pure Care Line to care for Ellen Wille Prime Blends

Insider's Message

“Prime Blends are my all time favorite styles to wear from Ellen Wille! You get exactly what you hope for as far as quality and feel of human hair with the easy and convenient maintenance of synthetic fibers. It’s always my go to!“

After struggling to keep up with the weekly maintenance routine for my human hair wig, I made a switch that has been an absolute lifesaver! Prime wigs require much less styling and upkeep - no more blowdrying or restyling every week. It's such an advantage for someone who loves the look of human hair, but wants something more convenient.

I am in love with the EW hybrid blend wigs! The vibrant color shines like I just stepped out of my favorite salon. I would never be able to achieve cool-toned blonde like this in a human hairstyle. My favorite part of this fiber is that my style stays even after washing!

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