Ellen Wille Pure Collection | 4 NEW styles | April 2024

Ellen Wille Pure Collection | 4 NEW styles | April 2024


Greetings, hair enthusiasts! We're thrilled to present our latest collection set to launch on April 1st - four new luxurious human hair styles joining the coveted Pure Collection. If you're a fan of the Pure Power Collection, brace yourself for a treat as we bring you exquisite designs and top-tier craftsmanship.

Let's dive into a sneak peek of what's to come:

1. Muse: Short Elegance 
Muse, a chic short bob, is a testament to the beauty of Remy human hair. This stunner boasts an extended lace front for a natural-looking hairline, a fully hand-tied top for supreme comfort, and a partially hand-tied back. Versatile and manageable, Muse promises a touch of glamour in various Ellen Wille colors.

2. Nuance: Effortless Long Bob
For lovers of longer bobs, Nuance is here to captivate. Echoing the popular Drive wig, Nuance offers a lace front, fully hand-tied top, and strategic polyurethane strips for secure styling. This Remy human hair beauty brings a touch of sophistication to every movement, available in various shades to suit diverse tastes.

3. Boheme: Swaying in Elegance
Boheme, a captivating longer style, embraces elegance. With a lace front, fully hand-tied top, and enclosed wefted back, Boheme ensures both comfort and security. Polyurethane strips add versatility for additional attachment options. Boheme promises a touch of glamour for those seeking longer lengths.



4. Diamond: Mesmerizing Length
Our grand finale, Diamond, steals the spotlight with its extended comfort lace front, fully hand-tied top, and enclosed wefted back. This bombshell, available in stunning colors, showcases the epitome of luxury and style. Embrace the longer lengths with Diamond, a true diamond in our human hair collection.

As we gear up for this human hair launch, we're committed to providing extensive education on human hair care. For these high-end investments, we recommend our BeautiMark Pure Care Line – from shampoo to hydrating conditioner, and the three-in-one miracle protect spray for heat styling. Don't forget the luster serum for that irresistible shine. See the full BeautiMark Pure Care Line Here

Save the date for April 1st, and let the hair transformation begin! Visit our website to explore the Human Hair Collection!

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