How-To: Care For Your Lace Front Wig

How-To: Care For Your Lace Front Wig

Embracing Gentleness: Essential Tips for Caring for Your Lace Front Wig

With lace front wigs you can achieve a natural looking hairline and have more styling options. Ellen Wille artisans meticulously craft each hairline for a natural color blend and the perfect density to elegantly mimic reality. Lace fronts are designed to last the expected lifetime of each wig, but they're also fragile. This means you need to handle them gently to avoid ripping or tearing the lace material. While they can endure regular use, it's important to be cautious and treat them delicately to maintain their integrity. Learn the secrets of gentle care to maintain their allure. Join us as we explore the delicate art of nurturing your lace front wig for enduring beauty and comfort.

1. Handle with Tender Care

Your lace front wig is a marvel of delicate lace and intricate hair fibers, deserving of the gentlest touch. When adjusting, applying, or removing your wig, remember to use the designated ear tabs instead of pulling or tugging on the lace directly. This mindful approach safeguards against tension that could lead to damage like tearing or fraying.

2. Mindful Styling Practices

Sharp styling tools and aggressive techniques are adversaries to your lace front wig's longevity. Opt for gentler alternatives like plastic wide-tooth combs or soft brushes crafted for wigs. These tools gracefully glide through the hair, reducing the risk of rips or tears in the lace. Remember, a tender approach yields stunning results without sacrificing the integrity of your wig.

3. Be Mindful with T-Pins

While T-Pins are invaluable for securing wigs during styling on a canvas block head, avoid direct contact with the T-Pins and the delicate lace of your lace front wig. Using T-Pins on the lace can inflict irreparable damage, resulting in tears or holes. Instead, opt for wig stands or mannequin heads designed to cradle your wig securely without causing harm.

4. Ensure Proper Sizing

Wearing an improper wig size can exert undue tension on the lace, leading to discomfort and potential tearing. Guarantee that you're wearing the correct size wig to avert these issues, learn How To Measure for a Wig. If uncertain, seek guidance from a professional wig fitter who can assist in finding the perfect fit for your head shape and size, find a trusted retailer on our Store Locator.

5. Nourish with Tender Care

Like biological hair, your lace front wig thrives on nurturing care to retain its softness and luster. Use gentle products formulated specifically for alternative hair: BeautiMark is our recommendation for care & styling products. Avoid traditional shampoos and conditioners as they are not formulated to support the longevity of your wig and can potentially strip the hair or weaken the lace. Use the BeautiMark Synthetic Care Line for all synthetic fibers, and the BeautiMark Pure Care Line for all human hair and blends. Follow the care instructions specific to the fiber type for best results. 

6. Sleep with Care

As tempting as it may be, refrain from sleeping in your wigs. Sleeping in a wig can lead to tangling, matting, and unnecessary wear and tear. Allow your wig to rest and rejuvenate alongside you, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

7. Proper Storage

Proper storage is paramount to preserving the exquisite beauty of your lace front wig. When not adorning your head, store your wig in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, dust, and humidity. Utilize a wig stand to maintain its shape and integrity. 

8. Rotate Your Wigs for Prolonged Lifespan

Consider owning more than one lace front wig to allow for rotation. Alternating between wigs gives each one a break, reducing the frequency of wear and tear on any single wig. By giving your wigs time to rest, you can extend their lifespan and ensure they maintain their quality and beauty for longer periods.

Embrace the art of gentle care, and watch as your lace front wig radiates enduring beauty and grace.

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