The Woman Behind Europe's #1 Wig Brand | Ellen Wille

The Woman Behind Europe's #1 Wig Brand | Ellen Wille

When people hear the name Ellen Wille, many immediately think of the brand and the wigs associated with it. However, Ellen Wille is not just the name of a wig company, it is also an inspiring and beautiful person that had a dream and turned it into a reality. Ellen Wille is the founder and creator of Europe's #1 wig brand, Ellen Wille - The Hair Company. The story of how her company came to be what it is today is one of passion, hard work and inspiration. 

Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of Success Ellen got her start in 1967 after studying in the fashion capitol of the world, Paris. She began designing and selling wigs out of her van, where she would travel to shops all around Europe to share her hand made custom designs with salon owners. Within a short time, she opened her first wig salon in Frankfurt, Germany. With her dedication and drive, Ellen Wille quickly turned this one-woman shop into a popular world-wide brand. She has now been designing for 50 years and achieved various awards for her accomplishments, such as the Hair Icon Award. This award has only been given out to 10 people in the world, Ellen proudly being one of these few. Ellen has established and designed products that are acclaimed for their high quality and one-of-a-kind color shades/blends. She believes that her pieces have done so well because of the time and care that is put into each one. Each wig is handmade and hand-colored to give the most natural look that allows women to have picture-perfect hair at all times. Ellen would never send out a wig unless it meets her personal standards of perfection.

Ellen isn’t just an empowering businesswoman, she is also a passionate and loving person who invests herself in others. If you were to walk into her office, Ellen would greet you with welcoming and open arms. The first thing she would ask you is your birthday because she is a strong believer in astrological signs and the connection they have between people. It is no surprise that she is an Aries, being the passionate and energetic woman that she is. Ellen considers her employees as her family and has created a close-knit environment that anyone would want to be a part of. For instance, her whole office sits down for lunch together everyday and they do not speak about work for this short period of time. This is allows them to see their team in a whole new light There is champagne around every corner with this glamorous woman, because she considers every aspect of life to be a celebration. She also believes that you can rule the world with a good pair of sunglasses, she hardly ever takes hers off. Ellen sports a new and eclectic pair of sunglasses every single day, and she envisions wigs to be unique and diverse just like her glasses are.

Ellen Wille Wigs | 50 Years of SuccessEllen is known and loved by everyone around her! Carliz Sotelo Teague, a long-time friend and CEO of Beauty & Hair says that “Ellen is the most driven and inspirational person in this industry. Her passion for perfection is inspiring, and [she’s] never seen anyone with so much drive and energy towards accomplishing their goals.” This woman and her ambition are the reason for this company being so successful. Ellen’s story of how she took her company from a mere back of a van to a number one European hair company is inspiring, but the impact on those around her and the legacy she has created is something that is unforgettable.

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Hi Irina, thank you for reaching out. You are able to purchase Ellen Wille from most of our online retailers. Please click on the “Where to Purchase” tab at the top of our site and you will see many trusted retailers listed. If you would like to go into a physical store, you will need to reach out to our Germany headquarters and find a retailer near you in the UK.

Erin Fortune

Where I can buy wig ELLEN WILLE. I’m leaving in London, UK. Thanks

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