Navigating the Online Wig Market Safely: Protecting Yourself from Scam Sites

Navigating the Online Wig Market Safely: Protecting Yourself from Scam Sites

At Ellen Wille, our mission is to assist our customers and deliver the highest quality products. Unfortunately, we are aware of the presence of deceptive scam sites that aim to sow doubt and hesitation among online shoppers. In response, we've compiled essential tips to help you identify potential scam sites, empowering you to shop with confidence.

  1. Examine Product Names:

   Scam sites often mislead customers by using authentic product images with altered titles. Instead of genuine brand names, they employ generic descriptions like "long brown straight wig ," "short lace front wig," or "curly wig with bangs." Ensure you're investing in genuine Ellen Wille products by checking for accurate labels on our site. Here are some examples below of descriptions/names found on a scam site.


  1. Exercise Caution with Prices:

   Unrealistically low prices on high-quality wigs should raise alarms. Compare prices across reputable wig retailers to ensure consistency. Legitimate retailers may have slight variations, but vast differences in prices should be treated with skepticism. Here you will find a scam site showing an image of an Ellen Wille Remy human hair wig called Obsession for a very low cost compared next to a legitimate site with the real cost and manufacture image.


  1. Closely Inspect Photos:

   Some scam sites use real model photos to make it challenging to spot discrepancies. By paying attention to titles and product names, you can identify potential scams. Additionally, be wary of sites using celebrity images instead of authentic product photos. Here you will find an example of our Nola wig on a scam site listing it is human hair and no name compared to a legitimate online retailer selling the real Nola wig which is synthetic fiber. There are also examples of celebrity photos.


  1. Rely on Genuine Reviews:

   Some scam sites create fake positive reviews to appear legitimate. Don't solely rely on on-site testimonials; seek independent customer review websites or conduct a Google search for the store's name alongside "reviews" or "scam."


  1. Verify Contact Information:

   Legitimate companies, including Ellen Wille, provide clear contact information. A lack of a phone number, email, or address on a website is a red flag. While some scam sites may have contact forms, ensure the presence of comprehensive contact details. You will see below an example of the “contact us” page from a scam site that has no information and prompts you to fill out your information instead. Compared to a legitimate site that shows you clear contact information for the company.



Known Scam Sites to Avoid:

Stay vigilant and avoid these identified scam sites:


- www.wigsdo.com

- www.hairextensionsale.com

- www.howigs.com

- www.rewigs.com

- www.wigway.com

- www.shoplovemyhair.shop

How to report a scam site on Google:

  • Go to the SafeBrowsing Report page.
  • Type in the site's URL.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA.
  • Write a reason for your report (optional).
  • Click Submit Report.

  • In the vast world of online wig shopping, protecting yourself from scam sites is paramount. Whether it's a non-delivery or receiving a vastly different product, the consequences can be disheartening. Exercise caution, follow our tips, and trust your instincts to ensure a secure and satisfying wig-buying experience. At Ellen Wille, we're committed to helping you confidently select your next stylish look. Be cautious, be informed, and enjoy your wig shopping journey!


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