7 New Hair Toppers | Coming February 2024

7 New Hair Toppers | Coming February 2024

Introducing Ellen Wille's Top Power Collection: 7 New Toppers Launching February 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to Ellen Wille's Top Power Collection, set to launch in February 2024. These seven new toppers encompass a range of styles, materials, and base sizes, catering to individuals at various stages of hair loss. From sleek human hair toppers to versatile heat-friendly synthetics, each piece is designed to empower and enhance your natural beauty.

1. Introducing our fabulous Add-In featuring Remy Human Hair! With its smaller base size, it's just perfect for the part area, ensuring a seamless and discreet blend. Plus, enjoy the lovely hair length of approximately 15 inches!

2. Meet our fabulous Impact Topper, crafted with luxurious Remy Human Hair! It's specially designed for those starting their hair loss journey, offering a base size perfect for the beginning stages. Plus, enjoy the gorgeous hair length of approximately 18 inches – making it our longest topper in the starting stage category! 

3. Introducing Finesse, our fabulous topper that's got it all! With a base size that suits various stages of hair loss, Finesse is a game-changer. What's more, it flaunts a stunning length of 22 inches made of heat-friendly synthetic fiber. It's not just our longest topper overall; it's a true showstopper! The unique hand-tied design, complete with strips of polyurethane for the ability to use tapes or adhesives

4. Say hello to the fabulous Galaxy Topper! Crafted from luxurious European Remy Human Hair, this topper is your go-to for mid-progressive stages of hair loss. You also get the ability to safely color customize this topper to express your unique style! The Galaxy Topper features a soft tulle top and hand-tied construction, ensuring not just comfort but also a natural appearance.

5. Meet Stream, perfect for mid-progressive stages of hair loss, Stream is a favorite in our latest launch. Sharing the same base design as our bestseller, the Effect topper, this beauty is crafted from heat-friendly synthetic fiber. With a stunning length of 17.5 inches and beautifully relaxed waves right out of the box.

6. Say hello to the fabulous Superb Topper! Tailored for those mid-progressive stages, this topper is a game-changer. Clocking in at just over 17 inches, Superb is all about that perfect length! Crafted with luxurious Remy Human Hair, it boasts a lace front and a 100% hand-tied design for that natural look and feel. What's more, its wide polyurethane perimeter gives you the flexibility to use tapes and adhesives.

7. Lastly, check out the amazing Orbit Topper, the biggest star in our latest launch! Perfect for those advanced stages of hair loss. Featuring a lace front and a hand-tied base design, this 13-inch, Remy human hair beauty is here to elevate your style! 

Prepare to embrace confidence and style with Ellen Wille's Top Power Collection – where beauty meets innovation. These toppers are not just hairpieces; they are statements that redefine beauty at every stage. Check out or updated Topper Chart below and see all the possible options.

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