"Let’s Talk Affair" with Kim Hammon | Ellen Wille Guest Blogger

"Let’s Talk Affair" with Kim Hammon | Ellen Wille Guest Blogger

"Let's Talk Affair" with Kim Hammon | Ellen Wille Guest Blogger


Hello my fellow wig wearers! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kim, and I have a YouTube channel called, Let’s Talk With Kim.

Lets's Talk Affair With Kim -1 A year ago, I started my channel because I wanted to share my love and excitement for wigs and hopefully be an encouragement to others experiencing hair loss. What I learned from being an everyday wig wearer is that comfort is a must. When I first started wearing wigs a few years ago, I felt a little weary...the wigs I was purchasing either gave me headaches or the lace front would scratch and irritate my head. And if that wasn't already enough, most of them looked incredibly unnatural. I was discouraged to say the least. I was confident there had to be something better out there that would be a solution and help ease my worry. I didn't give up, I got serious and started to really dive in and educate myself. Eventually i found a few comfortable wigs!


When I found a winner, I couldn't wait to share it with everyone through my YouTube channel. So, my friends, I can honestly say that I have found another winner, actually a few! The Hair Society Collection by Ellen Wille is simply...amazing. As I said in my first blog, these caps are so comfortable and are made for women like me experiencing minimal to complete hair loss. I do want to say that the caps in this collection are on the petite side, so if you have a lot of hair or above average measurements, you would be best choosing a style from an alternate collection. 


Kim-2Now, let's talk about "Affair". WOW, wow and WOW! This hair is a great look you can wear everyday. It only weights 3.3 oz! As with all of the Hair Society Collection, it has an extended lace front and looks so cute pulled back away from the face. The color that I'm wearing in my photo is the hot chocolate mix. It's a beautiful brown, reddish brown and auburn mix. My goodness, I felt like a million bucks wearing this one ladies.


Kim-3If you're feeling discouraged because you can't find a comfortable wig, or like me, find yourself struggling to get the perfect one that doesn't look like you're wearing a wig...I would like to leave you with this. First, do not give up. There are very natural, realistic wigs out there. I have found them within this amazing collection. Second, treat yourself to at least one nice wig. I know it's an investment but YOU ARE WORTH IT. Invest in yourself. I myself, being a stay at home mom, am on a budget and choose to save up each time I'm going to get a new style. It''s true you can often times buy several wigs for the price of one. But, if they stay in your closet boxed up because they don't feel comfortable or look good then it's really a complete waste of money and much more expensive in the long run. I feel the investment in a superior wig is worth it when you take comfort, quality and most importantly, how you FEEL when you put it on your head into consideration. Do you feel confident, beautiful and have a smile so big that nothing can stop you? If you answered yes, then you've found a winner.


I smile and do a happy dance literally every single time that I put on a wig by Ellen Wille. I whip my hair back and forth with a confidence that I have longed for for so many years. YAS, girl! With one of these amazing styles from the Hair Society Collection, so can you!


Wishing you all happy wig wearing days.

Big hugs & kisses my friends,



Erin Fortune

Awesome blog! Thank you to sharing very important information to us.

Erin Fortune

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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