Human Hair FAQ

Human Hair FAQ

What are the benefits of Human Hair styles? Human Hair styles offer several benefits such as: Natural look and movement, breathability, style versatility, cool to wear and does not trap in heat, natural color options, quality, and longevity.

What Ellen Wille collections offer Human Hair styles? Can find Remy Human Hair styles in Pure Power, Pure Europe, and 3 Remy Human Hair styles in the Perucci Collection.

What kind of hair are Human Hair styles made up of? Pure Power and Perucci Remy Human Hair styles are made up of Indian and Chinese human hair. 

What is the difference between Chinese, Indian, and European Human Hair? The difference between these will be the denier (diameter/thickness of the hair strand) and texture of the hair. Chinese hair will have the larger denier and be the strongest and straightest hair. Indian hair will have a medium denier and a natural wave pattern. European hair will have the thinnest denier and most fragile to processing with a very soft and light texture.

What is the difference between Pure Power and the Pure Europe collection with Ellen Wille?  Pure Power Collection will consist of Remy Human Hair styles made up of Indian and Chinese hair.  These styles also contain textile dyes and are not meant to be color custimized. The Pure Europe Collection consists of Remy European human hair styles and do not contain textile dyes so you are able to alter the color safely by taking it to an experienced alternative hair specialist.

What does Remy mean? Remy is a term used to describe the processing alternative human hair goes through during production and indicates that the cuticle is still mostly intact and running in the same direction from beginning to end of production time. Non-Remy styles will have the cuticle safey and gently removed. Remy or Non-Remy does not correlate to the quality of Human Hair.

How do I heat style Human Hair? Ellen Wille recommends heat styling in a dry condition. Take small controllable sections and apply your professional grade heat styling tool using a max heat of 350F. Use BeautiMark 3-in-1 Miracle Protect Spray to act as a heat protector for your hair. Allow the hair to cool completely to lock in the style. If adding curls, be sure to clip the curl in place and then, allow it to cool before releasing the clips. 

How do I cleanse Human Hair styles and how often? Ellen Wille recommends cleansing your Human Hair  styles every 6-8 wears. Rinse under lukewarm running water (do not submerge in a bowl or basin). Gently cleanse the fiber with BeautiMark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo in a smooth downward motion and then rinse. Apply BeautiMark Pure Care Intensive Recovery Conditioner to the ends and allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water, gently towel blot dry and place on a wig stand to dry.

For a smooth finish - Use a blow dryer and round boar bristle brush for a smooth and polished finish. 

What care products do I use for Human Hair Styles? We recommend using BeautiMark Pure Care Line to care for Ellen Wille Human Hair styles.

  • BeautiMark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo
  • BeautiMark Pure Care Intensive Recovery Conditioner
  • BeautiMark Pure Care 3-in-1 Miracle Protect
  • BeautiMark Pure Care Luster Serum
  • Deep Condition: Combine Intensive Recovery Conditioner and Luster Serum

  • View our website for more information on BeautiMark products https://www.ellenwille.com/collections/care-accessories 

    Can I Blow Dry Human Hair? Yes, we recommend medium heat and use with a round brush to achieve a smooth finish.

    What temperature do I use to heat style Human Hair? We recommend a max heat of 350F.

    How long will a Human Hair  style last? Depending on lifestyle, frequency of wear, and care maintenance, Human Hair styles will typically last 12 months.

    Can I chemically alter the color on my Human Hair style? No, we do not recommend chemically altering the color for our Human Hair styles. Our Pure Power Collection contain textile dyes that do not provide predictable results. We only recommend chemically coloring the human hair styles from the Pure Europe Collection as these do not contain textile dyes.

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