Hair For Mance Collection

The HAIRforMANce Collection by Ellen Wille features four ready-to-wear wigs for men. Supremely natural looking and fashionable, these masculine cuts inspire a confident appearance no matter the occasion. SHOP ALL ELLEN WILLE PRODUCTS

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BRAD | HAIRforMANce by ELLEN WILLE in M3S | Dark Brown
GEORGE 5 STARS 2.0 | HAIR for MANce by ELLEN WILLE in M46S | Light Chestnut Brown with 75% Gray
ROGER SPORT 2.0 Men's Wig by ELLEN WILLE in M38S | Medium Brown with 35% Gray
Roger 5 Star 2.0 | HAIR for MANce
Ellen Wille | HAIRforMANce | Jay in M34S
Jason Toupet | HAIRforMANce
Steven Sport 2.0 | HAIR for MANce
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