Ellen Wille Wigs

Ellen Wille Wigs

For over 50 years Ellen Wille Wigs offers high quality wigs & hair toppers made with 100% Remy human hair & fine synthetic fiber. Ellen Wille is Europe's No. 1 in Wigs.

198 results
NIGHT by ELLEN WILLE in SAND MIX | Light Brown, Medium Honey Blonde, and Light Golden Blonde blend
POINT by ELLEN WILLE in SAND MULTI ROOTED 24.14.12 | Lightest Brown and Medium Ash Blonde Blend with Light Brown Roots
CARRIE by ELLEN WILLE in LIGHT BERNSTEIN ROOTED 12.19.27 | Light Auburn, Light Honey Blonde, and Light Reddish Brown blend and Dark Roots
ECHO by ELLEN WILLE in HOT-CHILLI-MIX 130.33.4 | Bright Copper Red and Medium Burgundy Red Blend with Medium to Dark Brown Roots
BLUES by Ellen Wille in LIGHT-CHAMPAGNE-ROOTED | Pearl Platinum and Light Golden Blonde Blend with Medium Brown Roots
AFFAIR by ELLEN WILLE in ESPRESSO MIX 4.6.2 | Darkest Brown base with a blend of Dark Brown and Warm Medium Brown throughout
PRETTY by ELLEN WILLE in | CHOCOLATE ROOTED | Medium to Dark Brown base with Light Reddish Brown highlights and Dark Roots
CHER by ELLEN WILLE in CHAMPAGNE-MIX | Light Beige Blonde, Medium Honey Blonde, and Platinum Blonde blend
VISTA by ELLEN WILLE in HAZELNUT MIX 30.31.33 | Medium Brown Base with  Medium Reddish Brown and Copper Red Highlights
EMOTION by ELLEN WILLE in SANDY BLONDE ROOTED | Medium Honey Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, and Lightest Reddish Brown blend with Dark Roots
LIGHT BERNSTEIN ROOTED | Light Auburn, Light Honey Blonde, and Light Reddish Brown Blend and Dark Roots | Ellen Wille STAR

198 results

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