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CARRIE by ELLEN WILLE in LIGHT BERNSTEIN ROOTED 12.19.27 | Light Auburn, Light Honey Blonde, and Light Reddish Brown blend and Dark Roots
AFFAIR by ELLEN WILLE in ESPRESSO MIX 4.6.2 | Darkest Brown base with a blend of Dark Brown and Warm Medium Brown throughout
STAR by ELLEN WILLE in SALT/PEPPER MIX 39.51.44 | Light Natural Brown with 75% Gray, Medium Brown with 70% Gray and Pure White Blend
Ellen Wille | Hair Power | Cat Lightbernstein Rooted
POINT by ELLEN WILLE in SAND MULTI ROOTED 24.14.12 | Lightest Brown and Medium Ash Blonde Blend with Light Brown Roots
AIR by ELLEN WILLE in CHOCOLATE MIX 830.6 | Medium to Dark Brown base with Light Reddish Brown highlights
EMOTION by ELLEN WILLE in SANDY BLONDE ROOTED | Medium Honey Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, and Lightest Reddish Brown blend with Dark Roots
BEACH MONO by ELLEN WILLE in PASTEL BLONDE ROOTED | Platinum, Dark Ash Blonde, and Medium Honey Blonde blends With Dark Roots
FLAIR MONO by ELLEN WILLE in CARAMEL-ROOTED | Medium Honey Blonde, Dark Ash Blonde, and Medium Golden Blonde blend and Dark Brown Roots
The long fringe layers can be swept to the side, opening up your face and framing your features
TALENT MONO by ELLEN WILLE in LIGHT CHAMPAGNE MIX 23.24.16 | Platinum Blonde, Cool Platinum Blonde, and Light Golden Blonde blend

395 results

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