Heat Friendly Synthetic Guide to Success

Heat Friendly Synthetic Guide to Success

The importance of using Smooth Detangler and Heat on Heat Friendly Synthetic Styles like Mirage

Mirage is a heat-friendly synthetic fiber; this style will require a few extra steps to maintain the quality of the fiber. 

Detangle daily!! 

  • Use a wide-tooth comb and your BeautiMark Smooth Detangler Spray.
  • Always start from the ends and work your way up to reduce the amount of tension applied to the fiber.


Skipping these steps will lead to excessive tangling and matting.

Heat-Friendly Synthetic will require heat styling from time to time

Styling: To heat style your Mirage wig, take a section of hair and spray with water. Add your heating tool. If curling, clip the curl in place and allow it to cool.

*WATCH video: How to Curl Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber

Refurbishing: Tangling and matting occurs in the ends or the nape, refurbish the fiber with a flat iron and water.

This will need to be done periodically as needed.

*WATCH video: How to Refurbish Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber

 Max Temperature: 260°F-280°F

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