Ellen Wille | Color Rings

Ellen Wille | Color Rings


Basic Color Ring - The Basic Color Ring is the most essential color resource to have for the Ellen Wille color line. Every style within the Ellen Wille brand has its own unique color blend which is broken down and indicated in the form of numbers referred to as a color code. Each color number has it’s own swatch on the Basic Color Ring and is sorted by color family. The Basic Color Ring will give you the exact tone and level of the colors that are being used in your specific Ellen Wille style. 


Fashion Color Ring - The Fashion Color Ring serves as a general guideline that provides a visual example of what our color names typically appear like in a pre-blended form. The Fashion color ring is reflective of all our synthetic and heat friendly synthetic collections. This is a great tool to use as a starting point when searching for your desired color. Keep in mind that your final style may slightly vary from the color swatch. (rooted/shaded colors are not indicated on this ring as root colors will range from a color 4-12).  Refer back to the Basic Color Ring to see the exact colors that will be used in your unique blend.  


Human Hair Color Ring - The Human Hair Color Ring serves as a general color guideline for our Human Hair and Prime Power collections. These are pre-blended, human hair color swatches that also include rooted colors. Please make note of the numbered color code variances for your style selection as the color may slightly vary from the color swatch.


Men’s Color Ring - The Men’s Color Ring serves as a general guideline for the Ellen Wille HairForMance Collection which consists of synthetic and heat friendly synthetic wigs. These colors vary from the women’s color rings as the tones are typically cooler and grey hair is utilized in different percentages as the numbers get higher.

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