Ellen Wille | Color Distributions

Ellen Wille | Color Distributions

 This chart will guide you in understanding color placement based on the color name.

Ex: Chocolate Mix; All colors are assorted with a uniformed distribution of all the colors being used throughout the style. 



Ex: Cream Blonde Shaded; A mixed color with a darker root throughout the entire style mimics natural regrowth.



Ex: Chocolate Lighted; A mixed color with a focused amount of highlighting in the front to open and brighten up the face-framing area.



Ex: Candy Blonde Tipped; Lighter tipped ends, similar to a gradient and an ombre effect.



Ex: Champagne Toned; A root applied only to the top and crown area of the style. 



In addition to the distribution, some colors will also be darker, lighter, or more warm-toned. 


DARK  more lowlights

Ex: Dark Chocolate Mix; A darker variation of a mixed color made darker overall by using the darkest color as the most dominant, creating additional depth. Creates the illusion of lowlights on the original mixed color. 


LIGHT   more highlights

Light Champagne Rooted; A lighter and brighter variation of a mixed color made lighter overall by using the lightest color as the most dominant, creating a lighter effect. 


HOT more warmth + bold highlights

Ex: Hot Mocca Rooted; A vivid variation of a mixed color made more vibrant overall by using the warmest color as the most dominant with bold highlights, creating a warm effect. Found primarily in red and auburn colors.


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