Perma Space | PermaFit | Men's ProTect Fiber System


PermaSpace by Ellen Wille is permanent men's system. This is a 100% hand-tied, freestyle knotting to achieve a natural look. This system can be customized to any base size. The polyurethane base is 3g for a thin and lightweight feel that looks incredibly natural. PermaSpace features a unique fiber called ProTec Fiber. This fiber cannot be chemically colored however, it has a hydrophilic surface structure that is optically very close to human hair and feels like human hair. This fiber can be styled either dry or wet.



Base Construction: 1/4" Extended Skin w/ no hair |100% hand-tied 

Base Size: 8" W x 10" L

Hair Length: 4"-6"

Hair Type: Pro-Tec Fiber

Bonding Type: Permanent - Glue

Heat Style: Yes, 320°F in wet or dry condition

Density: Medium/Full

Weight: 1.8oz

Wear Time: 2-4months


Hair Colors

Color shows up slightly different based on hair fiber or style. Each color swatch or photo shown can vary from screen to screen as well as color batch of the hair style you choose. These swatches are designed to give you a good idea of the color but may vary from wig to wig.

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