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New Arrivals from Ellen Wille

 NEW Arrivals - Just In from Europe!

83 results
SUE MONO by ELLEN WILLE in ESPRESSO MIX | Darkest Brown base with a blend of Dark Brown and Warm Medium Brown throughout
AURORA COMFORT by ELLEN WILLE in DARK SAND MIX | Light Brown base with  Lightest Ash Brown and Medium Honey Blonde blend
Gemma Mono in Caramel Rooted
Ellen Wille | Hair Power | Daily in Champagne Rooted
CARA SMALL DELUXE by ELLEN WILLE in SNOW-MIX | Pure Silver White with 10% Medium Brown & Silver White with 5% Light Brown blend
Nancy by Ellen Wille in Sand Mix
AVANTI by ELLEN WILLE iN MOCCA MIX | Medium Brown, Light Brown, and Light Auburn blend
Ellen Wille | Hair Power | Veronica in Sand Mix
APART HI by ELLEN WILLE in SANDY BLONDE MIX | Medium Honey Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, and Lightest Reddish Brown blend
Keira | Hair Power | Synthetic Wig
Ellen Wille | Hair Power | Date in Champagne Rooted

83 results

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