The Ellen Wille Family is FOREVER

The Ellen Wille Family is FOREVER

We believe family is one of life’s greatest blessings and we are beyond thankful that our clients aren’t just our customers, but they are our family. It is such an inspiration to watch this following grow and see how close knit and supportive all of our wig sisters are to each other. By becoming a part of our community, you are not only getting access to some of the most gorgeous and innovative wig designs... but you are becoming a part of a group of women that you can count on to support you through the good times and the bad. Our wig sisters lift each other up with encouraging words and spread their love throughout this community. They also share their tips and tricks, so if you are new to the wig wearing world then these are the women to listen to and get advice from! They share their favorite styles and wigs and will provide you with authentic, reliable reviews that you can utilize before you make a purchase. We are so grateful to get to witness these women make a difference in the wig community and establish a support system that is so valuable and irreplaceable. But, don't just take our word for are some words from the women who help empower others through our Ellen Wille family! 


Kim Hammon who's YouTube channel features hair loss inspo, hilarious moments in her everyday life and her unique, beautiful spirit: “Discovering Ellen Wille wigs has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Not only have I found comfortable, high quality wigs, that make me feel beautiful, I am now part of a wonderful sisterhood of fellow wig wearers. I have a deep appreciation and love for my Ellen Wille family. Their support, devotion, and hard work is something I truly admire and respect. Since opening up about my hair loss, I have found some amazing women that I call my wig sisters. I am encouraged by these beautiful women because they make this hair loss journey so much better. Big hugs and kisses to you all.”


Netty Moore IG @nettym64 whos posts show her journey with total hairloss, beautiful nature and serene landscapes with the perfect amount of sassy style fashion : “I love the Ellen Wille community because it’s such a supportive place to be. We all help each other embrace the world of wigs and learn to live life in a slightly different but more beautiful way. Ellen Wille is one of the most interactive brands I know. They are highly visible and supportive to their customers which you don’t see very often.”


You never know how your kind words can affect a woman on the opposite end of the screen, it could completely make their day and change their outlook on life. Offer hope in a time when there seems to be none.


"Our intention and culture is simple. We celebrate authenticity. We make decisions based on WHY we do what we do. We hope to inspire people, who then go and inspire more people. It is truly what fuels our souls, helping others. We strive to empower the hair loss community by telling the authentic stories and journeys of all who are a part of it. We are real and most of all....grateful."          -Erin Fortune


So, we encourage you to spread the love and cherish these women in this community because Ellen Wille family isn’t just right now or when it’s convenient, Ellen Wille family is forever!



Natalie Draeger

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