Create the Perfect Brow and Flawless Eyes with Eye Power

Create the Perfect Brow and Flawless Eyes with Eye Power

The Ellen Wille Eye power palette is a must-have for any make up lover.  This pallet is super versatile and lets you create multiple looks for both your eyes and brows... and then some!


As a matter of fact… You can almost do your entire face with this palette alone… Add some mascara, a little blush, and some lipstick and you have all you need to face the world!


This semi permanent make up palette is beautifully pigmented and will leave a natural color which stays all day.


Ellen Wille initially created this eye power pallet to give women who wear wigs a way to create the perfect brow for whatever color when you were wearing. Whether you are starting off with a full brow or no brows at all, this make up will allow you to create the perfect brow. 


It's easy to forget changing your hair color means changing your brow color… And the rest of our make up for that matter. That's perfect brow palette gives you the versatility to change your brow color whatever you want to change your wig color!

Defined eyebrows are all the rage! With the accompanying stencils and brush, you can easily achieve perfectly styled eyebrows. Use the palette of colored shadows for a natural look that will last all day. But the best part… Although the colors are very pigmented, they are soft colors that are not harsh looking at all. Perfect for any occasion!

With this palette of 5 beautiful waterproof shades, you will have the tool you need for a beautiful you. Use one of the stencils to create your perfect brow shape… Or simply color in the brows you already have. But don't stop there.  You can do your entire eye makeup with this pallet as well as contouring on your face!

This amazing semi permanent waterproof color also comes in individual color compacts. But the five color palette is most definitely the way to go for the most beautiful possibilities. 

Finding your perfect hairstyle is important... Perfecting that look with the right make up is crucial!

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Carliz Teague

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