Ellen Wille adds an entirely new collection | Hair Society

Ellen Wille adds an entirely new collection | Hair Society

Ellen Wille unveiled an entirely new luxury collection to the North American market, Hair Society. This collection has been designed to offer the most comfortable cap design for women experiencing the effects of hair loss from alopecia, female pattern baldness, various medical conditions, as well as women who are bravely fighting their way through chemotherapy treatments. The first 7 new styles offered are Affair, Desire, Fortune, Icone, Splendid, Star and Aura which are all available online and in Ellen Wille partnered salons. There are 23 total styles that make up the Hair Society Collection, the rest of which you can expect to see in June and July of 2017.

The intricate art of 100% full hand tied caps can be seen on each new style. As well as beautiful monofilaments and impeccable ear to ear extended lace fronts offering styling versatility and a seamless, natural appearance. The felt used is as soft as they come offering purely comfortable cap construction for those with sensitive skin. Each style is made with Ellen Wille’s premium synthetic fiber that mimics the feel and appearance of biological hair. The feather weight density allows these styles to move and flow with ease.

“The passion we have for the Hair Loss community continues to inspire us every single day,” said Erin Fortune, Director of North American sales for Ellen Wille. “This collection was inspired by women who are experiencing hair loss. Ellen has created the most comfortable and lightweight styles specifically with these women in mind. Our goal is to inspire people, who then go and inspire more people! That is our whole basis on why we do what we do. Being able to offer someone a solution that helps them shine their light brightly from within is truly rewarding. The comfort of the cap construction on each piece in the Hair Society Collection is a true game changer for anyone who is experiencing any type of hair loss."

Erin Fortune

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